2016 IPRA World Champion Mafia Witch

Mafia Witch was recently selected as the “2016 IPRA World Champion” Bareback Horse!
Mafia Witch is a product of the Big Hat Rodeo Co “Born to Buck” breeding program and the granddaughter of another Big Hat Rodeo Co World Champion, “Miss Rodeo”. Mafia Witch is a beautiful 7 year old palomino mare and is also the mom of a beautiful palomino colt who is now 18 months old. She is a 1 in a million horse who loves her job. As the ride progresses, if the cowboy is still aboard, she actually bucks harder right up until the ride ends. Cowboys love that when they draw Mafia Witch they always have a chance to score in the 90’s, but if they don’t ride up, she will buck them off.